Super CPPS Event Nov 24

Hola Doritos! Today, on Tuesday November 24th, we held an event for our lovely Spanish division on our commonly used CPPS, Super Club Penguin. We managed to fill up the server and reached a max of at least 49 penguins!

Count of penguins doing tactics: a total of 49!

The event was held on the server Villa Pinguina at the Plaza. The event featured fun emote and Spanish tactics delivered by our leaders plus our amazing Hcom Caesar & Jazmine. Below are some fun pictures from the event:

Big thank you to all the troops that attended the event, as well as a huge welcome to new members coming from the SCPPS community. See you at the next event, Family Forever!


Doritos of CP Second in Command

[US/UK] Mehak’s Birthday Party and PB w/ Crimson Guardians

Hey Doritos!

Today we logged onto White House to celebrate Mehak’s birthday. Along with that, we had a battle against the Crimson Guardians. We managed to max 46 troops. Awesome job guys!

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Doritos vs Special Weapons and Tactics

Hey Doritos! Today we logged onto CPArmies for a practice battle against SWAT, where we maxed 51 troops! It was a very exciting battle, and it resulted with our win of 3-0, great job guys!

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Doritos vs Dark Champions Practice Battle Nov 12

Hey Doritos! Today we logged on or an absolutely stunning practice battle against our fellow allies, the Dark Champions! We maxed 42 penguins against their 8. Amazing job!
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Nakey Takeover [RESULTS]

Hello DCP!

Today, we logged on NewCP to have a fun naked takeover/training event! We were able to max 50+ Doritos (with lockouts)! We are slowly growing back to our sizes which is good! Here are some pictures at the event.

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Defense of Rocky Road [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on Rocky Road to defend our server Rocky Road against the Ice Warriors. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful with our defense however we still had a blast! We managed to max 40+ troops!

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DCPNC- Spring Formal!

Hey doritos! We will be having a DCP Spring Formal! If you were in DCP during the DCP winterball prom event dcp had, it will be similar to that!

Read more to get all the info!

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March Party Announcement: Join the Expedition at the Puffle Party 2015!

Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin DCPNC – Club Penguin moderator, Megg has updated a new blog post for the “Join the Expedition at the Puffle Party 2015!” for rumors and sneak peek to look through before the Puffle Party starts. Click read more to find out.

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Penguin Style: March 2015

I rejoined the DCP just yester. l am posting this cp cheats as my third one ever! I am the first person to ever post these cp cheats. The Doritos are gonna have a new name for the Club Penguin cheats. It is called the “Doritos Of Club Penguin News Central”. [for these of you that didn’t know the DCPNC.] Also from what l heard about Bam’s post and why he is leaving the DCP, is that his brother passed away and l am sorry for his loss. We love you Bam!
Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin DCPNC – Club Penguin has updated its site with this month’s clothing catalog and there are A LOT of cool secrets you can find for this month’s clothing catalog cheats! Click read more.

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Successful AUSIA Invasion of Oyster

Hey DCP!

Our AUSIA division logged on to Oyster today to invade it from the Water Vikings. It was a clear victory for the Doritos. We beat WV despite the fact that they used the Golds to help them. That’s right DCP, we won an AUSIA battle that was a 2 against 1. DCP maxed 15+

The owners are all very proud of all troops that attended this huge success.

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