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Promotions July 26th

Thank You All For Coming To The Mod U-Lead Event

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page.

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Promotions July 24th

Thank You All For Coming To The Surprise Event

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page.

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Duck Takeover/CJ Tournament [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

We logged onto NewCP to run around the island as ducks! We also had a fun Card Jitsu tournament after! We maxed about 50+ troops! Good job everyone! Here are some pictures below to commemorate!

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Promotions July 22nd

Thank You All For Coming To The Duck Takeover

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page.

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Maracas Takeover [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

We recently logged onto NewCP to have a fun Maracas takeover. We had some fun and did some fun tactics. We even managed to max 53 troops! Incredible job everyone! Here’s some pictures to capture our event.

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Mining Takeover [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

We logged on to NewCP to participate in a Mining Takeover! We did some mining at the berg and even attempted to tip it! We maxed about 60-61 troops (plus 1 lockout)! Awesome job guys! Here are some pictures below to commemorate it.

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Hello Doritos!

Today, we logged on a Spanish server on NewCP to hold our NAKED TAKEOVER! Thank you to everyone who attended, as we maxed 56, including 4 lockouts. Remember to attend our upcoming Card-Jitsu tournament and watch me clap none other than Doritos’ main leader Jester! Anyway, here are some pictures. Comment on the promotion post here for a promotion (if you attended).

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Promotions July 20th

Thank You All For Coming To The Event

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page.

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The CPAH Precept

I come to you as a leader, this needs to be heard across all armies in this community and yes, even the ones that will be talked about.

The Black Ice Alliance and it’s members IW, DW and RPF. The 3 armies that are sucking the fun out of this community by chronic whining. The same armies that forced 32 out of CPAH administration or else they wouldn’t have joined CPAH. Did you know they also have a dm with the 3 of them and CPAH?

Firstly, what is a precept? ”The definition of a precept is a guiding principle or rule that is used to control, influence or regulate conduct

How appropriate right? for this situation is currently being force upon the community as we wait for votes to be tallied so that dumb rules can be passed by CPAH. I come to you in hopes you see a future for this community without tyranny and only with parity. We need not a sole dictatorship (CPAH). I created NDA to protect but i see that can’t be the goal of NDA.. nor can it be the goal of S/M army alliance as long as there is CPAH influence to regulate what can and cant be done all in favor of major armies of course. The title of this post is the precept of CPAH forcing their will on the community. A unwritten precept but they all have the same goal in mind.. them and their BIA buddies. There is absolutely nothing that can challenge them besides a new league to take them on head front. Why are we so reluctant? Compare this to your second amendment, americans. The whole point of it is to stop tyrannical government.


This community is being censored, you slip up once and BIA will come after you like dogs. I am not saying go around and yell crude things, no. But this is in their precept. Regulation and Control You can’t even relax on your own armies chat and mess around because there will always be a snake in the grass waiting and watching for an opportunity to snap a picture weither it’s in context or not and BIA will use it against you. Spineless. You may argue don’t say anything questionable but that isn’t the point i’m making. We have completely lost our freedom of speech and expression and you still sit on the sidelines? Why?


CPAC never controlled armies, CPAC was just a news outlet that organized tournaments and put out top tens every single week. They were not trying to dictate armies about what they can and what they cannot do like CPAH is doing here. Media should not be a governing body to rule over armies. As soon as they start doing that, it no longer becomes fun with stupid rules. such as below. Did we not take our soymilk today, cpah?

Say goodbye to fun if there was any left at this point.


CPAH influence is soon to come and this only the beginning, if what i’ve written so far isn’t enough for you then how about IW literally changing a decision in a battle where 3 judges monitored and rendered DCP-TIE-IW-OT. they had complained so much it had been reversed in favor of IW. Imagine if that were your army? i know you wouldn’t like that very much so let me ask you this… do you feel comfortable being in a league where that could potentially happen to you? you recruit an entire week preparing for a war, a pb, a tournament only for them to have enough influence to win decisions in their favor.. sounds like a gigantic waste of time doesn’t it? Their influence grows everyday, Pookie stepped down as DCP leader just because IW were complaining that DCP was getting special treatment. On top of that 32 left administration as well to prove such a false idiotic fallacy that they tried so desperately to spread and guess what happened? it worked and their influence spreads to this day. 32 actually did an honorable thing, despite knowing they were wrong he still sacrificed his position for the greater good of the community but again BIA are snakes and should not be trusted.

CPAH has totalitarianistic views otherwise they would have just followed CPAC’s path. If you see nothing wrong with what i’ve tried to open your eyes to today in this post then i sincerely feel that this community is lost and prepare for total domination against… fun.

IF you at all care about the future going forward, dm me with your army.


DCP Main Leader & Legend – UMA Legend – CPAC Legend

Member/Moderator/Owner/Troop Of The Week!

Hello Doritos,

It’s time to bring back some excitement and let’s start that excitement by bringing back the weekly updates of this wonderful page.

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