Doritos Sees End of Factions Season 1; Surprise Win

Earlier this week, Doritos Gaming witnessed the epic and surprising ending of the first season of Factions. With the one-man faction Swoop managing to come on top and the underdog faction BamsBoys coming in second, the Doritos were left in shock. What led up to these factions winning?

All of the factions were anxious as to what would happen at the end of Season 1. There appeared to mainly be only four factions still active, consisting of Swoop, BamsBoys, AmazonLLC, and BlueBloods. All other factions had either quit, merged, or become inactive.

On February 13th, the members of AmazonLLC got online and discovered that they had been raided by none other than the mysterious one-man faction Swoop. This put Amazon in second place, with the now-inactive faction Spartans in third. Filled with a thirst for revenge, Amazon decided to attack Swoop, resulting in a massive raid lasting about an hour and a half. In the end, all of the spawners placed in the incredibly well designed Swoop base were either destroyed or stolen. Soon after, the leader of Swoop, ActuallySilver came online and began to take on the entirety of the Amazon faction, a 5v1 battle. Silver, realizing he was outnumbered, retreated and began to create a kelp wall around his base to create source blocks, so that he could later place soul sand and push invading withers upwards. The Doritos Reporting Team reached out to ActuallySilver if he was expecting the raid, he states the following: ”

Yeah I was expecting it, hence why I put up extra defenses beforehand, and also why I didn’t put all my spawners in the same place.

An image of Swoop's base at the time

An image of Swoop’s base.

Amazon, now taking first place by 2 million, decided to wait out the remainder of the time on Sunday. However, more and more people began to arrive on the server, including the entirety of BamsBoys and a few members of BlueBloods. Moments later, with only 40 minutes remaining on the faction clock, Swoop and BamsBoys appeared on the leaderboard with startling amounts of money, with Swoop at about 45 million dollars and BamsBoys at about 9 million.

Amazon, now desperate and in third place, started to split up and search the overworld for one of the 2 remaining BamsBoys bases. Finally, with but twenty minutes remaining, Amazon co-leader Artnie discovered the floating BamsBoys base above an ocean. Instantly, all of the Amazon members teleported to him and began to build upwards. Through the usage of world-download, Amazon leader Nautilus discovered that his faction had hit the jackpot; there were iron golem spawners inside of this base. With only ten minutes now remaining, Nautilus gave Artnie wither-building material and a wither was quickly created. The anxious faction then took their seven members and their wither and burst through the wall of the small BamsBoys base, resulting in an incredibly stressful battle.

The Doritos Reportin Team sat down with BamsBoys leader Aaronstone42 on what he thought about the battle, and he replied with

It was pretty badass man. I was waiting that all season long, and I was fighting both mobs and people. My heart was beating so fast, and because we had a pretty good rivalry with Amazon, it only added to it.

The battle was indeed intense, as the room was very cramped and filled with about 14 players, several iron golems, multiple zombies, and dozens of other mobs. During the battle, several people being pushed into corners by iron golems. During this fight, Amazon was also trying to remove the BamsBoys spawners through the usage of creeper eggs, however, ran out very quickly. As the minutes ticked down, the room became emptier and emptier, with a small amount of BamsBoys remaining at the end of it all. NautilusSirius had a sense of dread fell over him, realizing his faction hadn’t done enough to bring the BamsBoys down.

At the end of it all, the prize was easily taken by Swoop, which it can be agreed was well deserved, as one man managed to build an incredibly large base. ActuallySilver also managed to make several regen walls. To put this in perspective, AmazonLLC didn’t even finish half of their regen walls.

Be sure to attend the season 2 factions release on Saturday, February 20th, at 3 PM EST for a crate key giveaway. We’re hoping that this season will be more competitive than the last, as we’re expecting many new people to be joining. Good luck to all participating factions!

Spartans and Oligarchy vs. AmazonLLC; Doritos Factions

Minecraft Faction Server – The AmazonLLC and Spartans engaged in legendary battles during the first season of the faction server. Although both factions performed fabulously, only one could win. Who came out victorious?

Earlier this week, rumors were dispersed through the server about a potential raid between two factions. More specifically, word about Spartans raiding then called faction, Mafia. Mafia leader, Smithy, took matters into his own hands and decided to hold off from raiding their future enemies until the rumors were confirmed true.

On February 2nd, the Spartans made their move and attempted to raid Mafia. Spartan members mischievously hid outside of the Mafia’s territory, hidden underneath the lava Mafia placed for extra precaution. When the Spartans cover was blown, a fierce battle broke out with Mafia’s allies, the Monkies, joining the brawl. However, it turned out to be a unsuccessful raid and Spartans took their leave. This gave the perfect opportunity for Mafia to seek their revenge. A few Mafia members teleported to the Spartans base where they set up a TNT cannon ready for fire. Due to the commotion, the Spartan members were immediately alerted and fought Mafia. In their favor, Spartans turned out victorious.

A few days later, a surprise occurred within the server. A new faction called the AmazonLLC was born from a combination of members in other factions.  With this new powerhouse, a decision was made to raid Spartans once again. Amazon members successfully summoned a wither and began luring it to the Spartan base since no Spartan member was online. The wither was brought up to the top of Spartan base, with Amazon member, GFX, sacrificing his armor to lure it up. After many attempts, they succeeded and broke in, with Amazon members heading towards the valuable goods the Spartans had to offer. However, Spartan leader, Andtarski spawned in and began patching up the holes in the base. The Mafia began retreating and jumping off of the base before turning around to face Andtarski. He began going off and killing any remains of Mafia. Despite the player disadvantage, Andtarksi managed to take on all five of them.

Following after, AmazonLLC had plans to “finish the job.” Amazon members traveled to Spartans base, with a more effective plan in mind to raid Spartans base. After spawning a wither, the AmazonLLC succesfully entered the base and obtained all sorts of valuables.

GFX, Smithy, and Nautilus standing on top of the Spartan base after the second raid.

Prior to this raid, Spartans was accompanied by another faction, Oligarchy, who merged with their clan during this battle. The Spartans climbed up the water stream around Amazon base and the Amazon members firing at them from the top of their base. Several battles than began to occur down at the bottom of the base, with fights happening all over the place and arrows flying from above. At one point, an attempt was made by a Spartan member to spawn a wither to break into Amazon’s base. Unfortunately, it failed due to the massive amount of angry Amazon members pursuing him. After a large amount of casualties, the Spartans retreated. Nonetheless, the Spartans came back later for another round, which turned out to be unsuccessful once again due to Amazon defending effectively (Amazon member Defaultybwai played a large role in this).

The Doritos Reporting Team managed to sit down with Andtarski, Smithy and CanadianX to hear their favorite highlight of the battles. They state the following:

Antarski: Oh a little bit of both, we knew we would be able to have a lot of people on and since you did too it turned into more of a war than a raid…you can’t really force raid with withers when numbers are even.

Smithy: It was funny how confident they where going into it. They were sayin in DG general “This is gonna be fun.” and kept saying how much they’ll do, but we ended up killing most of them and they didn’t even touch the base.

CanadianX: My favorite highlight of the battle was that we “killed two withers.” With the first Wither being led by Andtarski and the second being led by the entire Spartans factions.

The current Amazon base, and the site of the massive battle that occurred.

The current standings are as follows:

#1– AmazonLLC – $6,496,732

#2 – Swoop – $3,586,812

#3 – Spartans – $197,158

#4 – Oligarchy – $145,460

#5 – Cartel – $57,274

As you can tell, the Doritos Factions server is currently booming with the exhilarating battles and fights amongst the server. However, this may not be the end of this brawl. What battles awaits for us in the future?

What do YOU think? Will more battles like this occur in the future? Let us know in the comments down below.



The Crunch Times: Fourth Edition

Hello Doritos Gaming! Welcome to the fourth edition of The Crunch Times! After announcing our minecraft factions server and continuing with our gaming journey, we bring you a summary of this week’s activities, alongside mental health help, puzzles, art, and a brand new Troop of the Week!

After succesfully releasing their new minecraft factions server, Doritos gaming kept kicking off with wholesome fun games throughout the week! Doritos gaming started off the week on Monday with a Cards against humanity game on AUS times by Darci then Survey Says later on the same day hosted by Chandler. On Tuesday we played Among us Together hosted by Lucky! In the next day on Wednesday we played an amusing round of in the morning hosted by Smithy at Aus times then later on a funny game of Cards against Humanity hosted by Tia. On Thursday we had a fun Minecraft Hide and seek game hosted by Wassim. Towards the weekend Mehakk arranged a Guess the Song Voice chat night! Lastly on Saturday Rah arranged an enjoyable Survey says! It was for sure a fun busy week.

Troop of the Week is an esteemed title for the troops of Doritos of CP. Each week a new troop of the week is crowned, the chosen members are active and enthusiastic individuals that help make the server and, our community in general, a better and more fun place!

This week the Troop of the Week title goes to… Plexi#1684

Emotional abuse can lead to depression, isolation, drinking, doing drugs and a lot of stress. It has always been a big issue in people’s homes especially when the emotional abuse turns into physical abuse. We gathered some ways to identify and cope with emotional and physical abuse:

Here is a fun puzzle Minecraft theme to celebrate the release of our new factions server! 

left: :zap:爪ộㄒ 乇爪:zap:#0928 / middle: jebouski#4870 / right: minikui#5912

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits

Thank you all for tuning into this week’s “The Crunch Times”! We hope you enjoyed and look forward to a new week of Doritos Gaming fun!

Meet the Admins of DG: Leila

Being an admin in Doritos Gaming means that you have to show loyalty and hard work by being online everyday. It’s also your priority to help others by keeping them safe online. No one shows this better than our admin, Leila!

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Minecraft Factions release!

Hello Doritos Gaming, today we will talk about our exciting Minecraft Factions server release that occured this past Saturday on January 30th. The opening night was successful, however, due to the large amount of players (about 50+), there was a substantial about lag.

We interviewed the leader of Doritos, 32op, to hear about his point of view and about the future of the Factions server.

How would you summarize the factions release day?

The factions release day was chaotic to say the least. It was an exciting day for many as we released our server, unfortunately our host couldn’t handle us and our server ended up not working. The following day after release, however, was amazing.

What are the plans regarding the future of this server?

Our plan is to complete this map in the upcoming weeks and release a new map with more features, less bugs and overall an amazing new server that all of us can enjoy and play on. During the 1 week gap between new maps, we’ll be using the server to host games throughout the week.

As we can see above, the original release of the server was incredibly laggy and slow, with chunks taking about 5 minutes to load individually. However, an extremely large number of people joined the server and were able to start creating factions, with Spartans, Mafia, Starbucks, Bloodmines, and BamsBoys becoming prominent instantly. Many people stayed in the server for a very long time, hoping for it to get better and to get a headstart, however, the host simply couldn’t handle the massive amount of players. Due to hard work from the admins, the server was back up and running later on that day, allowing the factions to start growing.

There is no faction server without some competitiveness. Right off the bat, there was a race for the corners, as the corner spots are incredibly valuable and useful. The Starbucks ended up becoming the first faction to claim a corner, with the Mafia and the Spartans coming soon after. Smithy, the then leader of Starbucks, was the first to purchase a rank, showing off his King Rank and quickly making Starbucks a deadly force. Meanwhile, the Spartans, which was a faction not many knew about prior to the opening of the server, quickly took the number one spot on the Faction Top leaderboard.

Here are some pics of the faction server:

The economy of the server in question is based off of the amount of spawners a given faction has. Because of this, the goal of each faction is to get enough money to buy as many spawners as possible. The Spartans were the first to place and start farming spawners, as Starbucks messed up on their base and the Mafia had next to 0 resources. No other factions were big at this time (other than Swoop, which still was not exactly a threatening faction, however is slowly becoming so now), and so the Spartans were quickly capable of securing a strong lead. Soon after, the Starbucks and The Mafia merged together, as both were struggling and the two combined could be a deadly force. Meanwhile, Oligarchy and BamsBoys, which are the admin and moderator factions, began to grow. After this, raids began to occur and glitches were found and, in general, the server began to grow and factions started getting powerful. In conclusion, the Factions release was originally extremely laggy, but with the help of 32op and the admins, the server began growing.

Below we can see the current rankings:

  1. Spartans – $4,233,340 – Led by Andtarski
  2. Cartel – $2,057,124 – Led by 32op
  3. Swoop – $1,538,176 – Led by ActuallySilver
  4. Mafia – $1,251,096 – Led by Massive_Penguin
  5. Monkies – $289,360 – Led by canadianX

To conclude, there is no doubt that the faction server was a huge succes, led into a lot of fun between the players and nights of building factions. We hope to see the continued growth of this server and wish the best of luck to all participating factions! Thank you all for reading, Doritos Gaming forever!

This post was written by:
Wassim23 – Doritos Gaming Admin
Nautilus – Doritos Gaming Jr Moderator

The Crunch Times: Third Edition

Hello Doritos! Welcome to the third edition of The Crunch Times! As we continue on our gaming journey, we bring you a fresh summary of last week’s activities, alongside a new Troop of the Week, mental health help, puzzles, art, and more!

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The Crunch Times: New Beginnings

Hello all! Welcome to the second edition of The Crunch Times! We’ll be talking about the new gaming adventure that occurred this week alongside more mental health tips, puzzles, art work, and we’ll be crowning a new Troop of the Week!

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Minecraft server

Hey Doritos! Today we will talk about our renewed Minecraft server that will come out real soon. Some of our great staff have worked hard and came up with creative statues and buildings that make the town look great.

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DCP as a Dating Server

Hello Doritos! In today’s post we will be talking about a topic slightly different from the one in the previous post. Something that some people may find funny, however others may find this topic quite boring or even disturbing for themselves to read about but feel free to stay and read it until the end for some laughter if you want to!

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To 10000

Hey Doritos!

Today, we reached the milestone of having 10,000 people in the Doritos Discord. Honestly, the way we did this is incredibly astonishing. We came back in November with a Discord of just 4,500 people. Only a little over 2 months later, we welcomed 5,500+ people into our family. Truly unprecedented. You guys are amazing, together we’re growing more and more each day. Seeing people make lifelong friends here is what keeps this army/community going. Here’s a lookback at these past few months!

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