Year End Awards

Hi Doritos! As we inch closer and closer to the end of the year, we’re here to present the infamous year awards! Though this generation hasn’t been around for too long, we still want to commemorate the good times, and the not so good times. As well as give appreciation to the hard working staff that keep Doritos going!

So without further adieu, feel free to vote for one option in each of the categories below. The final winners will be announced on New Years Day!

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[UK] Community Christmas Ball [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

Earlier today, we logged onto Bunny Hill – CPArmies for yet again another Christmas ball, hosted by our lovely allies, the Army of Club Penguin! We gathered around for Christmas Eve day and had quite a blast. After doing some tactics, battling, and partying with other armies, we managed to max 40+ troops!

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AUSIA U-Lead Event + Reindeer Takeover

Hello Doritos!

Earlier today we had a wonderful U-Lead/AUSIA event + a Reindeer Takeover where our troops got to lead some tactics and formations! We ran around the island chanting some cool Christmassy tactics dressed up as reindeers! Although it was a bit early for some of us, we managed to max 34+ troops! Overall it was an amazing event and we all had some fun as well! Here are some pictures from the event below:

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[UK] Doritos Winterball 2020 [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

Earlier today, we logged for our annual 2020 Doritos Winterball! This event was a huge blast filled with laughter and joy. We started off with some opening tactics and ended it off with fun categories for everyone to participate in! We managed to pull a max of 60 troops!

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This post is regarding the former CPAH CEO Pookie437 and his actions toward the Doritos Army.

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Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals vs Ice Warriors Results 2020

Hello Doritos Family

Today we logged on to face the Ice Warriors in the Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals. This was one of the biggest events DCP has ever had and it wasn’t at all a disappointing result. After coming back only under a month ago, we maxed an astonishing 110 people. We tied with the Ice Warriors in 2 rooms and lost one to them with little to none training for many of our troops. Absolutely amazing. This was a great way to end off our CPArmies era, thank you guys so much for attending.

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Practice Battle With Recon Federation[Results]

Hey DCP Nation!

Today we logged onto White House for our practice battle with the Recon Federation!

We maxed a total of 55 DCP Troops and won all 3 rooms! Congrats on a great battle everyone!

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[Ausia] SCPPS Event

Hello there Doritos!

Today’s event was the usual, an Ausia event in SuperCP where we maxed more than 44 people! Read the rest below to see more info about our practice 😀

SCPPS count

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Dinamita Training Event [Results]

Hey Doritos! Today, December 7th, we logged onto CP Armies to hold a Dinamitas training event in order to prepare for the upcoming Christmas Chaos battle!! We were able to max an astonishing 57 troops!

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Christmas Chaos Round 2 vs Dark Warriors [RESULTS]

“I’d say good job but not really?”

Hello Doritos!

Today, we logged onto Klondike to face off against the Dark Warriors in Round 2 of Christmas Chaos X. We successfully came out victorious and defeated one member of the BIA. We won with a clear 3-0 win, with our tactics were almost as good as perfect. We face the Ice Warriors next week, let’s make sure to keep improving.

Max: 54

Here are the event pictures –


Thank you to those who came to the battle. Comment if you attended!


Doritos of CP Third in Command