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“Irrelevant leader” Says the guy who held the longest 2ic position in CP Army history…. LOL

So apparently Epicmaster, who has lived in the shadow of Waterkid and spent most of his career as a Light Troops 2ic, has elected to use lame excuses & has decided to battle us one time and then quit afterwards because he is scared and knows we will destroy the Pirates without their beloved CPO support. Apparently he thinks I’m jealous of a cheap knockoff of LT, and wants to brag about CPPA’s CPO accomplishments, meanwhile it was your own godfather & overseer of CPPA/LT who got the server shut down in the first place, thus making CPPA even weaker than you already were. And our “trash Oligarchy”, as you call it, is getting DCP to sizes of 70-80 days after switching to the new server when you’re struggling to break 60 at every event. Really missing that CPO ping now huh? Congratulations CPPA, you played yourselves. 🙂

And for those of you who don’t have any knowledge of the game whatsoever and don’t know who I am, read any of the posts I’m linking below, those are just TINY highlights of my now almost eight year Club Penguin Army career.

CPA Central Person of the Year 2016

Keepin’ It Going [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Top Ten Armies: 11/15/15


Pretty irrelevant stuff, right? No need to say more. Moving on.

To be clear I don’t know what hes really on about with the NDA war honestly. I declared war on IW as a joke, to hype up my army to see if we would do better when facing a challenge, one that we knew we couldn’t win. But hey what do I know about leading & using new and different methods to try and make my army better, I’m just some irrelevant rookie cmon now. He then goes on to say I apparently begged for servers or something when the only thing I’ve ever offered server wise is a trade for Mammoth. I offered CPPA a treaty which, BUCKY SIGNED & then went against his word and helped defend for Golds, had the size advantage & STILL lost to DCP. But CPPA’s top dog right? I failed at invading, you were the only army to lose a server on either side, so who really won the war? I closed SWAT & merged them into DCP because it was the right move to make and unlike you, we weren’t dependent on CPO’s discord and coins, we actually recruited and needed an online server to be able to live. Now thanks to your pal, we can not live on anywhere besides within another army who is still established. So if you wanna blame anyone for SWAT or any other S/M medium army having to merge/shut down, blame him.

Epic’s sad excuse for not battling us after Saturday is because CPPA want to just have “chill events” on their servers. Or maybe because we have a treaty with IW in place, you have no other good allies & you have no CPO ping or support from anyone. He also says he’d rather CPPA die than try to continue on, what an amazing & confident leader you got there, Pirates. Enjoy whatever “chill” events you want to have to avoid fighting DCP on your servers because they won’t be yours for much longer.

And this one just makes me laugh. I haven’t multilogged or even thought about multilogging since 2016, who would take this game that seriously in 2020? Cmon bro, you gotta have some better puns than that you living in the past homie. Says I couldn’t lead SWAT to 25+, meanwhile we got 50+ literally days after I moved our discords, including unscheduled AUSIA events of 35-40 & that 32op saved my career meanwhile I led DCP and other armies to great heights way before 32 was even an army leader. Definitely punching the air rn over Club Penguin lmfao. I’m almost 20 years old fam, only thing I’m punching in are the numbers on the ATM, but you wouldn’t know nothing about that. Maybe when you’re older.

SWAT maxing 40-45 at the invasion of Hibernate FOUR DAYS after discord switch


SWAT holding their first UNSCHEDULED AUSIA event TWO DAYS after the discord switch with sizes of 30-35



DCP easily hitting 60+ at their first CPATG event, getting bigger sizes than any army has gotten so far on the new server


CPPA struggling to hit 50 on new server without CPO ping; can’t even make a good formation without bunching how sad. “We’re continuing to rise mateys!!!” Are you though?


Epic, you and I are not the same, we never were & never will be. I’ve been an army veteran for years, and all you’ve done is rejoined like every major CPO army, led for a week and then retired because you realized they didn’t need you. You are nothing but a meme to me. Go have your lame events hiding from a fight, because that’s what LT/CPPA have done since they were created anyway. I’ll merk you tomorrow and gladly take the rest of your servers if you are too afraid to show up. Good luck.

Its crunch time.

~Badboy, Doritos Commander & Irrelevant Army Leader

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  3. woah this is serious. Also who is epicmaster? i need to know

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