• Welcome to the legendary Doritos Army of Club Penguin website!

    We were the strongest army in Club Penguin army history. We were created on February 8, 2010 by Wwebestfan, and we lived strong all the way until Club Penguins closure. We’ve fought the hardest battles, and always came out on top.

    We have done the impossible, and we were always known for standing up for what was right, even if stood alone.

    Thank you for showing your interest in our legacy

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Updated Empire/Foreign Relations

Update: Our Co-Capital Slushy has been returned to the Dorito Empire in exchange for the server Ascent. Thank you to the Royals for trading it back to us! Server list has been updated below & on empire page.

Hello there Doritos!

After scrolling through some of the pages/posts on site I noticed a lot of things were outdated and needed fixing, so I revamped everything. The sites pages are now all up to date & CPATG proofed. I have updated our empire page according to the army league map and our allies/enemies list as well.

The servers we currently own on CPOAL’s official server map are below.

District 1

Summit – DCP Capital

Slushy – DCP Co-Capital

Outback (former SWAT capital)

Tuxedo (former RPF capital)

Breeze (former ACP capital)

District 2



Rocky Road


White House

District 3



Below are our current allies/enemies. Please note that anyone who is in an army listed as an enemy are to be banned on our discord at all times!!

Army of Club Penguin (ACP)



Any army who is not listed as an enemy or ally is considered neutral.

Ice Warriors (IW)

Pirates (CPPA)

Redemption Force (RF)

Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF)

We will also be trading the server Ascent to re-add our historical Co-Capital, Slushy, to the DCP empire so this post will be updated when that happens. That’s all for now, & remember to make sure you attend the first invasion of the Pirates @4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM EST on Saturday. Lets hit 100+ on CPTAG guys, I know we can do it. FEAR THE SHIELD!

See you on the battlefield,

~Badboy, DCP Commander

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