Matterhorn – LIBERATED

Hello, Doritos!

Today, Wednesday, March 18th – we logged onto Klondike to liberate it from the menace known as the Pirates. We successfully reached huge numbers filling rooms all alone. The Doritos averaged 100 and maxed 112! This was an absolutely incredible event, you guys continue to consistently make me proud and break boundaries creating history all the time. We continue to show that we are unprecedented! Family Forever!

Below is an image of DCP in the main battle room

The following image is DCP members who weren’t able to get into the room and thus became lockouts in the Snow Forts


This is DCP in two different rooms, doing the same tactic!



Snow Forts [Lockouts]




Fear The Shield




9 Responses

  1. GG DCP!!!

  2. I joined UwU

  3. kristina blair is proud. ~tempqueen, KristinaXo

  4. I was at this event
    ChanMandler987 on discord
    Chanmandler on cp
    I attended the event and did everything they said

  5. Amazing job Doritos of CP! We owned the event! The members in the lockout room was more than the pirates.

    Keep on being awesome DCP family, I look forward to the next event/battle with you all. Until then, work hard!

    DCP Family forever and for Life!

  6. this was amazing :D)



  8. I joined the event! Great job dcp!

  9. for meer !!

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