Hello, Doritos!

The time has come, it’s time to rise up. 

Our opponents envy us. They envy our success. Initially these people thought that they could make a return right after we returned, after seeing how prosperous of a community we had going they thought it’d be easy. After CPO Administration pushed CP armies at the time, they kind of got a little rise, but army after army [and multiple armies combined] faced the number 1 army to fight for the title – and they lost. We have remained number 1 ever since we have reopened our doors. Army after army that tries to bring us down so they can be considered the “winners” to boost their egos, have died. The short lived hype is a repeated cycle, and their frustration grows.

After merging the Pirates (an army that Epic101 built up for two years) into the DW failed to win a single battle against us in a combined effort with the Ice Warriors and Templars in the warriors alliance that they created to try to bring us down – they eventually started to get sizes of 10 and died out. As a result, they resort to other methods. Spreading falsified information – circumstantial evidence to manipulate the community.

Today, February 10th of 2020 marks the day that they have reignited the flames and revved up the DCP War Machine once again. 

Now – all Doritos have one mission, and that my friends is to secure the community that we have built. We have built the most successful and prosperous community Club Penguin has ever seen (besides the CPO community) yet although we have made mistakes nobody can take away how we enable people to connect with one another. This is what makes us more than just an army. We came back with a mission to enable people to make friends and have fun, and we will fight to the end to ensure that the Doritos army of Club Penguin legacy lives on forever.


Here’s to another 10 years …



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  1. FAMILY FOREVER ! ❤ – africa

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