Event Schedule Timings

Our brother allies, the CPO Most Wanted – have lost their capital server. It’s time to take it back and secure it within the DCP borders!

Invasion of Walrus

Saturday January 25th

Server: SLUSHY || Start Room: Cove

Start Time: 8:00 PM GMT – 9:00 PM BST– 3:00 PM EST – 2:00 PM CST – 1:00 PM MST – 12:00 PM PST – (Jan 26) 7:00 AM AUSEDT 




74 Responses

  1. I’ll be coming

  2. i will come

  3. I’ll be there!!!!!!!

  4. I’ll be there!

  5. I’ll be coming. Let’s go dcp. DCP DCP DCP!

  6. Will definitely be there!

  7. i cant attened tho

  8. cant come, 5 am for me. i will try tho

  9. I am attending

  10. I’ll be attending! DCP Forever!!

  11. I’ll be there to slay 😎

  12. I will be there! ~Moospie~

  13. 3 a.m. for me, cannot come

  14. Yes maybe, I dunno about 6 but I will try

  15. I’ll be there

  16. im free tommorow

  17. i’ll be there

  18. Lets goooo!! DCP DCP DCP

  19. See ya there!

  20. I can’t come, ill be away from computer after 5:00pm MST.

  21. I’ll be there

  22. As far as I’m aware, I’m coming.

  23. Will be there 😀

  24. I will be there

  25. i’ll be there!!!

  26. I can come!!

  27. i should be there!!!!!! love you guys <33

  28. I can come

  29. I’m coming! Booyah! They’re going to be crushed!

  30. Definitely coming, they can’t defeat all of us!!!

  31. I will be coming!

  32. I’ll be there

  33. I might come, dont know if I have family stuff

  34. I will be there

  35. im rdy
    lets go

  36. I’m unable to, school stuff.


  38. I’ll be attending as well!

  39. I’ll be coming!

  40. I’ll be there!

  41. I’ll be attending!

  42. If my mom doesn’t make me study all day, then sure

  43. Hopefully yes :))

  44. ill be there! ❤️

  45. I will (most likely) be there.

  46. I’ll be there!!

  47. Definitely coming

  48. I’ll be there

  49. I will come!!

  50. ILL BE THERE!!!!!!

  51. I’ll be there

  52. I will come to this event! I will be attending this event.

  53. i’m coming

  54. ill be there

  55. Fear the shield, because were coming after the armies!

  56. ima be there 🙂

  57. I’m coming

  58. I will be coming, if I dont have any events after school

  59. I try to be there

  60. I’ll be there!! DCP! Family Forever ❤

  61. Ill be there 🙂

  62. I will be there at the event! DCP FOREVER ❤

  63. I’ll be there

  64. I’ll be there! 🙂

  65. will be there

  66. I’ll be there

  67. I’ll try to come! DCP Forever 😀

  68. WE WON! (TylerDank)

  69. Is it just me or does it say January 11th? That was 3 days ago… I’m ready to go to your next battle/war/event whenever it is, just please reply to me. DCP Family Forever! ❤

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