DCPNC- 2 Year Anniversary Party!

Summit, Club Penguin Online DCPNC– The 2 year anniversary of Club Penguin online is here! To celebrate, there’s a huge party going on! Read more to get a walk through, see all the rooms, get a hat, background and stamp, and learn all the tips and tricks!

CPOnlines Twitter post, use the code ANNIVERSARY2 now!
Here are the rewards for the code!

As soon as you log on, you may notice in the top right corner is a party hat!

When you click on it, you can see it’s a scavenger hunt!

a place where penguins go to hang… What’s the most popular place on cpo?

To the Town we go!

Click on the Green and Purple hat the statue is wearing and collect it! Now on to the second hat!

Somewhere mellow… sitting by a river or pond is relaxing…

To the Pond!

Click on the yellow hat by the boat to collect it, now for the third hat!

Well where do you have snowball fights?

Snow forts it is!

Click on this hat, and we get the clue to the final fourth hat of the scavenger hunt!

Well what’s a place where you go down?

Let’s check the Ski Hill!

We found them all! Now to claim the prize!

We completed the scavenger hunt! But make sure you go to the coffee shop to pick up the new hat and a background and earn a stamp!

click on the hat to get it!
press on the candles to earn a stamp!
click on the camera to earn a new background!

Overall, an awesome 2 year anniversary event!

Till next time!

-Vivala (vivala1216), Leader in Training

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