The Return of the Legends


I am honored to humbly announce that the Doritos of Club Penguin will once again be united in a historic reunion of the highest order.

In an effort to maximize attendance, we would like to hear from you what date works best for this summer’s reunion. We will be closely monitoring poll results in the upcoming weeks to organize the smoothest event in Club Penguin Army history.

That’s all for now Doritos! We’ll keep you updated via the website as well as our Discord server for more information regarding our reunion. We hope to see you there!


7 Responses

  1. This post will be deleted when we put together the results we need to reunite! Excited to get together with everyone again!

  2. This is gonna be sick. This is gonna be amazing, I’m actually stoked. Thanks for putting this together Sprite, also everyone remember that YOU ALL contributed to this army so please nobody should feel like they are not welcomed! For good times sake!

  3. So excited for all the legends that made DCP what it was come together for our first reunion! Bang Bang Doritos Gang.

  4. Hey June! Just following up on this 🙂 Hope your semester is going well♥️

  5. Excited for this. To see everyone again. This is going to be super epic.

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