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More Evidence On RPF Nulling

It seems that Epic wasn’t the only one keeping a close eye on RPF yesterday. Even MORE evidence was released on RPF’s nulling, take a look.

Like Epic’s video, you can see a number of nulls appearing and changing their names before RPF event. Here is a list of the null ID’s showing how similar they are and at what times they appeared or changed their names.

12:14 – 27
12:23 – 30
12:28 – 34
12:36 – 30
12:40 – 32 [ID: 1524648386 ||
12: 44 – 33[ ID: 1524648457 ||
12:54 – 32 [4 Nulls]
12:57 – 31 [ID: 1520454384 ||
1:00 – 34 [ID: 1520454443 ||
1:01 – 36
### As you see, Most IDs
start from 15204/5###
1:04 – 36 [Nulls change name ID: 1513362108||
1:08 – 39
1:09 – 37 [ID: 1524648924 ||
1:13 – 39
1:16 – 40 [ID: 1520454750 ||
1:28 – 47
1:42 – 52

In this video, probably the most compelling evidence that Epic did not include was the amount of nulls who left immediately after the battle ended. So RPF, you’re going to sit here and tell me your “recruits” come on only for events at specific times you schedule them then leave right after without saying anything?

RPF needs to answer to this and explain why this many nulls show up, change their names, and then leave right after the event ends. If RPF refuses to cooperate or debunk any of the accusations being made against them, then we will definitely know something is up.

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