My B

While it is a very short lived run I’d like to thank everyone who participated in DCP for the past good while for all their time and effort.

I believe it is my fault for pushing back my ties into DCP – a seed that was clearly not meant to be sprouted While I don’t know the entire story currently I do know that some people really fucked up (I also heard mention of my name?), but regardless I was not online when this was going on and no one has proof of me being involved. Anyways DCP will officially be shutting down as of today, June 16th, 2016.

The things that were said were very unethical (I even took a look at the meeting myself), and I apologize in advance for even trying. Sorry DCP.



P.S. everyone has been fired and the site will remain in the sole possession of Wwebestfan and I

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  1. Lmao

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