Story Of Drake And Toysoldier

lol xd

Toysoldier and Drake both knew that the Ice Warriors under Me, Bam and Badboy were too powerful and that they could not compete with the size we were putting up nearly everyday. They both knew that they couldn’t get 45+ everyday legit, and the only way they could get passed the Ice Warriors is to make the current leadership go under a coup. But even after the coup that they played a major part in, they got beat by the Golds (lol). Sadly, the Ice Warriors were dumb enough to believe the lies that the Night Warriors were spreading. Now that the Ice Warriors are weakened with the loss of 3 leaders, that leaves the Night Warriors with no competition to get first. Ice Warriors got played.

Toysoldier and Drake both said that me and Badboy multilogged multiple penguins to get to the top. But in reality, the Ice Warriors were more legit than the Night Warriors are now.


This is the chat size of a SMAC army. This is not the chat size of an army that just maxed 60+. After IW events we would have 40+ on chat 30 minutes after the event. This picture was taken moments after the event ended for the Night Warriors. You may say “Lol there’s no way they got 60+ you’re just exaggerating”. Toysoldier and Drake are hypocritical idiots.


lol xd


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