And The Cracks Begin To Show

The Army Republic are caving in under the pressure. We will not let up.

Late Wednesday night, AR leader, Burr, contacted me in secret on DCP chat begging for a treaty seeing as the entire community wants his army dead.

He claimed to have a new enemy, which he’s currently made plenty of, however I saw beyond his lies and realized that he was just simply scared. I made it clear, that he would either surrender the war or we aren’t going to back down.

It was here that his natural ignorance kicked in and he said some things that he may soon regret.


We don’t ally with cheaters and cowards, sorry.


“I’ll help you in events…” Suck up more please…


Your leadership must be something when you can’t even manage respect for each other…


Lol, okay. *Rage quit*

Continue to fight hard DCP. Victory draws nearer and nearer every day.

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  1. nice try using nulls

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