The boy who cried multilog

A short dialog

by Marina

What do you do when you start getting destroyed by the Light troops? Stop showing up to their invasions and just assist your allies?

What do you do when you’re army starts maxing 15 at every battle? Tactic Sessions ?

What do you do when you get roasted on another chat? Post false accusations again and again?

I’ve basically described WV’s entire leadership in the past week. Not only have their multilogging accounts been compromised, there are tons more evidence and pictures stating how CHANGE was aware of Blood Lines involvement [mass multilogging to assist WV]

For WV not to report it them self [Since they claim to not do such BAD things] it clearly shows the ownership is well aware of such evil deeds happening.


[See previous DCP Posts and just ask around for more stuff on these clowns]




But naturally this wont be brought up because, clearly DCP is the bad guy right?

Anyways I don’t normally post around trying to fend off the cancer that is WV, but its pretty sad when you resort to making up non sense and bringing up BS that was already discussed MONTHS ago.

Change focus on you’r crumbling army and not on your advanced detective skillz

Shout out to LT for completely dismantling Water Vikings by stomping all over them!

~ Marina 

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