I was on chat today and I want to make something clear really quickly –

DCP hasn’t had any events in 2 weeks due to inactivity with Mustapha, the person at the helm of all decision making within the Doritos Empire. He then retired, following xat errors and the reset of the chat via xat. No one could operate the chat correctly for 2-3 days and thus we have Saturday, the event day. It was unscheduled and we fought an army that had scheduled and prepared for it. We still won.

If we are capable of single handedly defeated IW or single handedly defeating an entire alliance, then we have nothing to fear at all. If we were to get into a war and lose servers, we will simply prevail and regain them. 30+ is a great start, especially in the given circumstances and having it be unscheduled. DCP will build up in the upcoming days to become world power once more. We have already gotten first on top 10 more than any other army this year and the year hasn’t even ended. We can today and still be statistically the best army of the year. Don’t forget who you are, Doritos.

When you drink too many redbulls

When you drink too many redbulls

2 Responses

  1. I joined during the Christmas Chaos! ^_^

  2. I just want to join a battle but for some reason I can’t!!

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