Hello, Doritos!

We had the first event we’ve had in a while, and we did good! We ended up getting raided by the Water Vikings, but we managed to still have a great battle with them! I’d like to thank WV for giving us a good battle, you made our event interesting. We had AWESOME tactics. We’re just now rebuilding, so our size will increase as time goes on.


Family Forever.

-Agent 11 – Doritos Leader

5 Responses

  1. I came! Good job today, Doritos! :mrgreen:

  2. my chat glitched out alot but i did my best to be on cp when that didnt crash. great job dcp! Fam Forever

  3. Just my luck that I missed the event we haven’t had for days. I should check the schedule more often, :p

  4. Hello 11,

    You have been selected for the next Leaders’ Lounge. Please write a paragraph or two in a pastebin with your career in armies and please also have the interview questions answered as well.

    Out of all armies in your career which has been the best?

    Do you see yourself retiring soon?

    What has been your greatest moment in your career?

    Do you play any other games besides CP? Any hobbies our outside things you’d like to share?

    Thank you – DrMatt

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