Recruiting Status

Hello, Troops!

Recruiting on CP today only consists of bot recruiting, which Sprite did one day in DCP for about 20 minutes (months ago) before I made him stop immediately. However, the picture of Sprite botting on CP has been posted in at least 5 different CPAC posts because they allow our enemies to post about us, including irrelevant weirdos like Badboy and Verum. Although armies bot every single day on Club Penguin, they always choose that picture. I have come up with a conclusion and any owners that want to be apart of this newly launched recruitment campaign should Private Chat me as soon as possible. Anyone from older gens who are rejoining for war can also get a high rank when you contact me. I need as many people as possible!


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  1. I don’t know. I got mistaken in the US Division I never actually joined a match before. I hope I can figure out the time.

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