I said “The Rise”

 Today I came on to chat at 8pm on a Monday where there was no event. We reached chat sizes that we haven’t reached in weeks. We thrive off of war, we rise to the occasion.


And to those who think we multilog.. You said West multilogged and now he is retired and you say Brad does it. Unfortunately people may think we multilog because we have been so big for so long, although there is no actual evidence. Understand that the photos provided to you on CPAC are simply accusations and there is no actual evidence and there never will be. Do your own research, and make your own mind up, because logical thinkers don’t blindly follow whatever they’re told.

Zakster is just putting on a persona because he’s the WV creator. (They are our main enemies) It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to add two and two together. But you are all entitled to your opinions, just don’t forget that they’re only opinions.


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  1. You copied this off an IW post, you idiot

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