Moaning all night

If you’re puny and get your shit army defeated and you want a chance at the 1st position against a dominant army.. What’s the first thing you do? Create an alliance. When that fails (PA) what’s your final option? Moan as much as you could possibly moan in hopes that your creator / CPAC Ceo will give in and deduct points without any proper evidence.

cpac lol6

We showed proof of WV multilogging, we showed stampbooks of Iceyfeet multilogs, and we showed WV’s multilog passwords, yet a blind eye was turned. You might be happy to see an unstoppable army get 2nd on top 10, but it wont be for long and you wont exist very long because moaning wont save you.

Fear The Shield

One Response

  1. stampbooks mean nothing, most people in this community are teenagers and don’t care about stamps.

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