Power Alliance Surrenders to DCP

Hello, Troops!

Edit: SP has no servers and we gave DW a pass because they were smart enough to leave the alliance before anyone and recognize DCP as the winners

Today marks the day. The day that the Doritos Empire has defeated an entire alliance. We did this without asking for help from a single army.


These guys were completely confident that they were going to simply wreak havoc among our Empire. 2 days ago they invited me to their alliance chat and demanded that I surrender our nation to them. Little did they know that the Doritos bow to no one.

swat surrender4

We’ve done the impossible yet again. They said it couldn’t be done. No single army has ever defeated an alliance. Until now. Against all odds, history has been made, Doritos.


All 5 armies were defeated within 2 days. Some to the point that they had none on chat (literally).

Family Forever.

Fear The Shield

3 Responses

  1. Fair play

  2. WT is power alliance just saying I have never heard of them

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