Comment for promotions

Comment below to receive your promotion! We had a great week, Doritos! Family Forever!

18 Responses

  1. Great week! (:

  2. I attended

  3. Awesome i love doritos the best army on earth

  4. heloooooooooooooo


  6. Also first

  7. well first second and third :p

  8. Amazing event! well done guys!

  9. I am happy for us, we won! We are the best army and if I get a promotion I promise to lead us into victory!

  10. I really want a promotion. I will LEAD THE DORITO ARMY TO VICTORY!!!! #DoritoFamily #DoritoarmyofCP #DoritosAreBest #Please #Mod

  11. Great job this week, to everyone that contributed to our success this week! I look forward to an excited second week with everyone in the Doritos fam!

  12. LOVE IT !!!!!!! DORITOS ARMY IS THE BEST ON EARTH COS WERE NOT JUST A ARMY BUT A FAMILY !!!! (sorry i uploaded today not yesterday its cos i never had time yesterday)

  13. Good Event WOHO Keep Going Guys!

  14. meh, I guess

  15. i went to 2 promotion battles since my last promotion:)

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