We did great today – and all throughout the week!

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11 Responses

  1. I attended,

  2. Great event guys!! Good job peeps!

  3. Hai my username on clubpenguin is Aaronaarron96 also
    my xat user has the name Aaronaaron96 in it and i earned a promotion from today’s war

  4. I missed it 😥 I will have a chance to get a promo at the 3IC elections 😀

  5. *comments for promotions*

  6. i attended promote me 🙂

  7. My penguin is Possum03. I love this army. I have attended patrol of summet, and part of todays and two days ago. two day ago i was in the car and today i had school. but i did try. i hope i earn a promotion soon. thx bye

  8. I attended patrol of Summit, my username is Hoppybird6 🙂

  9. My penguin name is Han Solo 220!This has been really fun playing with you guys! DCP FOREVER!

  10. I attended

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