Important Message about the “Ninjas”

We DO NOT Recognize Roberto and Andrew24’s Ninjas as a real army.

Hi there.

My name is Pochoma123. Some of you may know me while others will not. For those of you who do not, I was in CP Armies from 2007-2013 and was in the chain of FW/RFW while they were alive. After FW fell to low numbers, Pringle64 and I created the Ninjas in May of 2012. I also was one of the army GFX designers during my time, at one point having my GFX on every Top 10 Army site as well as CPAC. In April 2014, I was elected as a CP Army Legend. FW/RFW/Ninjas was ranked 9th by CPAC in their Top 30 Armies of All Time above armies that still exist today.

Now you may be asking why this post is on your army’s site. There is a set of unwritten rules that have existed in armies ever since I have been involved in them. One of those rules are that the final wish of an armies creator should be honored. When Pringle and I closed the Ninjas in 2013, our final wish was that our Armies should remain dead and rest in peace. This wish lasted until June 1, 2015 when Roberto and Andrew24 (and others) decided to remake this army. This “Ninjas” army was recreated without Pringle64 or I’s permission, and thus they are illegitimate.

I have talked to your army’s leader(s) and they have agreed with me that they are illegitimate and they will not recognize them, so I am making this post to hope you all do the same. 

Pringle64, the co-creator of Ninjas and CP Army Legend, had this to say about the “Ninjas”:

(Click to Enlarge)

Similarly, I made a statement about “Ninjas”:

(Click to Enlarge)

With that, I will let your army get back to business. I hope that this post helps explain what is going on with “Ninjas”. If you have any question at all, feel free to email me at or comment on this post on your army’s site and I will respond in a timely manner.

Thank you for reading and good luck in your army,


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