Declaration of War on the Dark Side

Hello, Troops!

The Dark Side has recently attacked our sacred capital, and captured it successfully. This was met with retaliation like no other and we got our capital back. But that isn’t enough. They will now feel the wrath of the Doritos Empire. You’ve awaken the beast once again. And when the not so “unstoppable” Ice Warriors did the same, the lived to regret their mistakes. This shall be no difference. DCP is more than just an army, we’re a family, and we made you. Now we will end you.

DCP ownership

DCP ownership

Ever since we’ve embarked on this great journey to restore the Doritos Legacy, we’ve been met with envy. Even hatred; coming from those who wish to oppress us. They want to stop us, year after year they have failed. Except this time, we are no longer little kids. We have been dominating since we were kids, and we pretty much grew up together in a sense. That is why we are family, we never give up on one another. We are now educated and experienced, this is no longer the DCP that you thought you could push around. Even then, you had failed. Now… We will fight until the end.

DCP elites

DCP elites

Fear The Shield 

6 Responses


  2. Have fun. They have Badboy there so you’ll need it. /sarcasm

  3. Seeing Bam is one pic explains a lot…

  4. Well CSY, see ya in WV.

  5. Rip dw

  6. Dw backed out of the war already HAH

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