Nachos..caught multilogging ? [Detective Crazy]

Good afternoon all you dorito soldiers out there! After seeing a multitude of nacho posts claiming a bunch of penguins are mult-ilogging; I’ve decided to do some investigating myself. Me being a DCP legend and a part time crime stopper / Detective I plan to find the source of this problem.

After i heard about all this commotion i decided to create a new penguin to see what it was all about (My original penguin Crazyhightec was banned :)) but anyways Unsure of all the evidence i immeditially checked up the nachos on there most recent battles; Here is what I discovered =

After deep investigating I discrovered Nachos have done extremely shameful acts by multilogging and yet attempting to blame others!

NOTICE HOW NONE OF THESE PENGUINS ARE ON RANKS ?? BUT YET ATTEND EVERY EVENT!  Not to mention that almost all of their items could have been added with the basic item adder or even beforehand with the hackers beta item adder! :shocked: Even worse I bet that rose penguin has 2 stamps which means it MUST be a multilog!

Now notice how this here picture (which was to try and explain there “innocence”) Nachos seem to be using some sort of program or file setup that allows them to interface cp and chat at the same time…I bet that would go great with all of there.. MULTI LOGS! -gasp-

Also notice how the basic item adder can be found (it also used to have the old beta item adder before patch) bookmarked on the top page. And even though he shows up the top part of his browsers to try to prove himself….he doesn’t show the rest of his desktop?? I wonder why..


for real.. you gotta ask yourself why on earth would someone be like “hey bro can i use the penguin you got caught multilogging with for this battle?” Clearly that would be STUPID.





I decided to search for some multilogs myself since apparently any penguin that has basic clothes and only a few stamps is a multilog/bot

Almost after i immeditialy logged in I noticed some annoying penguins spamming words (everyone was ignoring them) As i continues searching i questioned a few penguins until ..

Until i ran across little pengu who had NO ITEMS BESIDES BASIC ONES! At that point I almost knew it was a dead give away…

But you see I had to be sure this wasn’t just some average CP user who just happen to walk around naked or have items (lol what kind penguins dont have items right??)

The Stamp book gave it away…plus all the few items he had on him.. PENGU214 WAS A MULTILOG MAYBE EVEN A NACHO MULTILOG BOT SPY!

After this I tried to escape but the more and more i investigated the more I began to be surrounded by these non-item wearing lazy non-stamp having penguins AKA BOTS.

The only thing i could spit out at the time was a extreme ounce of fear! [I had yet to activate my account] But after realizing that I even began to look at myself…what if..what if.. I WAS ALSO A MULTI LOG?

After noticing i had NO ITEMS on and ZERO stamps I finally realized the truth I WAS ALSO A MULTI LOG / BOT!

I then immediately logged out and called Wwebestfan to apologize for what I had done.

This concludes my investigation. 

– Crazyhightec (Crazyhightek)

DCP Legend-

9 Responses

  1. Tamary is Emily’s penguin. A former Nacho leader is a multilog now?

  2. Oki, let clear you the first picture ok? So, we have Mr Wattles, Frigido, Rose, Zack, Agent, Tamary, Shaun and Gold Cow. Mr Wattles was Luis but came with that account. Frigido is a former Nacho leader (as far as I know) and like every normal retiree, he helped. Rose, idk. Zack is personally a great friend and he may have other name on ranks, idk, hes not a multilog though. Agent, idk. Tamary is Emily, another Nacho former Leader I think. Shaun is in the army, idk how he is on ranks though nand Gold Cow, I haven’t really met him or talked to him to know, but he is on chat often, I see his name. Hope this helps

    ~Legofan Nacho 4ic

  3. Lol. Nachos. HEK NU.

  4. But what if crazyhightec isn’t kill

  5. guys i have crazyhightec should imeditetly be removed from legends because he even said that he is a bot and a master spy and has been multilogging. he even went far as to admitting that he’s stampless. i being a master clubpenguin player and having like 200/300 of the stamps that u can get, am very, very ofended. he called out the nochos for having bots, but look, here is proof of dcp using the bot!! there is a skript going around and we need to pinpoint it and take it down!! i am disapointed in all of u, this is highly unacceptabal.

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