Hey guys,

You may know me, because this post is a little late. I am Beast4262. My rank is Head General(5IC). I was Ice warriors, but I was fired. I will say there are lots of cyber-bullies and abusers. I skipped a event(because they were cyber-bulling me) and I get fired. Well, you will see me on chat a lot, but usually I am recruiting. I will help the army rise to the best army of all time. 


10 Responses

  1. welcome to fam

  2. Awesome post!Btw it’s luvit here 😀

  3. Welcome to the fam, we treat everyone with respect and love <3.

  4. Welcome to the Army man! Your welcome for the icon btw lol!

  5. Welcome to DCP 😛

  6. Welcome To The Family Bro

  7. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time away from the cyber-bullies!
    Thankfully we already defeated them in a war. Good luck dude!

  8. Yes Beast We welcome you to the Family Good job.

  9. Welcome to the family, I’ve talked to you personally on chat before and you’re a pretty chill guy. I’m glad to have you in our family. 😛

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