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Doritos React to IW’s Multilogging Accusations

Hello, Doritos!

So recently, IW made a list of “DCP multilogs” … little did they know, we don’t ever multilog and every single person they listed as a multilog was a troop.


iceyfeet era10

iceyfeet era12

iceyfeet era13

IW is such a pathetic army that they have to make up random things and false accusations just because they’re mad that we’re better than them. Ever since we defeated them in a war they have made attempt after attempt to bring us down. Since they couldn’t ever provide any evidence for any of their claims, it has only backfired and exposed them for how pathetic they really are.

iceyfeet era15

Iceyfeet is a 23 year old college dropout and still couldn’t come up with some accusations that seemed legitimate? How unfortunate. 

-Logrey, DCP Retired Legend

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