Why you should not join the evil Ice Warriors

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital – Hello troops! I was recently given photos from an anonymous user taken from IW’s chat box. The contents shocked me. The first photo is of Asuna, IW 3ic and Ausia Leader. In the photo, you see her complaining about an unjust demotion. Let’s take a look.


As you can see, she was demoted for an unjust reason. Modding retirees? Apparently, that was enough to warrant a rank demotion. I thought former owners/leaders were entitled to moderator on chat as a form of respect? Guess that doesn’t apply in IW. In DCP, we respect and recognize all former owners/leaders/legends, etc. by modding/ownering them on our chat. Now, if an owner accidentally gives moderator to someone who shouldn’t be, that is no reason to give them an instant rank demotion. I have to agree with Asuna here and say IW gives unfair demotions for the stupidest reasons. I can’t comprehend what was going on in Andrew’s mind when he made this unjust decision. Asuna is always welcome to join DCP, if that is what she wants. In DCP, we don’t abuse our owners who work hard for their rank 🙂

Let’s move on, shall we?


In this photo, we see two Ice Warriors troops discussing what Andrew has decided to take upon himself. Let’s start with Soni32. According to IW’s rank page, Soni32 is a Lieutenant General (5ic). As you can see from the photo, he is no longer a moderator on the chat. He also questions Sir PJ (IW owner) why he was demoted, yet no answer is given. Following this, Lemmy asks why everyone was demoted. No answer from any owners. This just proves IW doesn’t care about their hard-working troops, mods, or even owners. Asuna- demoted for an unjust reason. Soni- demoted for NO reason. Lemmy- ignored by owner. I think it’s safe to say we now have yet another reason why NOT to join the evil Ice Warriors.

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