LOL @ Max43810

This just in!

Random guy private chats me!

Find the exclusive picture below!


Hello, Troops!

As I logged onto the Doritos of Club Penguin chat, I got spammed with multiple private chats from the one and only, Max43810. He was telling me that he got fired and that Mustapha is using me. I knew that Mustapha would never use me seeing as we go way back, and this was just an act, because he was fired. Max has tried to get me to leave the Doritos of Club Penguin, all because he got fired. And to that I said…


Max is attempting to break the family apart. I will not allow this. It’s like as soon as he got fired, he turned his back on everyone in this family. I will not stand for this. I am not the only victim of Max’s actions. He has told plenty of other Doritos troops to leave. So far, he has not been sucessful. Families do not break apart that easily, and this one definitely won’t.

Below, you will find another picture of Max attempting to make Pippio, leave the Doritos of Club Penguin.


Last but not least, I am warning you all, if Max43810 private chats you ANYWHERE and tells you lies about the Doritos, to leave the Doritos, etc. ignore him. We will not allow Max43810 to corrupt the Doritos. We are a growing family. This is an example of how easily someone can turn on you, and can really rage quit, just because they got fired.

I would like to share that, before this Max and I got along really well. We would talk everyday, and talk about what we can do to help the Doritos. I was shocked to see how quickly he turned on me, and told some of the Doritos troops to leave. Max got angry about getting fired, which is understandable, but to reach extremes, to which he is telling the troops to leave is unacceptable.

I will not stand for this.

Mr. Rodgahs
Doritos of Club Penguin Leader in Training
Doritos of Club Penguin Veteran

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