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I’m still here as well

Hey remaining doritos that check the site from time to time well in this post which won’t be that long i’m going to share all of the great memories i’ve had here, i’d like to call myself probably the most loyal soldier and leader to step foot into this army along with few others that went on to become legends.


Well god damn it has been such a ride of ups and downs i remember when i first came into this army, DCP is home that i will cherish throughout my career in this community its really became a home, it’s something i cannot explain fully through words i have so much loyalty to this army i once went to UPA for like a few hours and came back because dcp was my home army and i missed it all too much. I’d really hate to see it die like this especially how it did but now it has i feel regret not trying to save it from death but all i can say is when the time comes the Doritos of CP will rise again i don’t know when but when it does i’m sure going to be here i’m ever going to forget this army, its where i was made and taught me so many valuable leadership skills that i have taken with me and won’t forget. I’ve especially made so many friends and arguably one of my closest on here is Bam, west and mustapha, Mustapha i don’t know how to repay him he’s given me the chance to promote me to 2nd in command when i first got the hang of all this and really took a chance on me and i hope i hadn’t let him down this far in my career. West and Bam are like the package 2 of the most funniest guys on this game we play, i swear. Being here for a long period of time grows chemistry with everyone and a feeling only a certain person can understand i’m going to use Thierry henry (famous footballer) he came back to arsenal in 2012 because he loved the atmosphere and the fans so much that he came back to the club he once changed forever and remains arsenal legend and has a statue of bronze.

Some stories

When Toy lost the banners mustapha flipped out on him and me and bam we’re just laughing and telling him he had one job, one job..lol this still continues to this day that we tell him this, i try to remind him every time i see him.

The times when bam would not speak for like an hour and just randomly typed a chat, on chat for all doritos to raid for example, ACP chat we raided them, uma, AR, nachos..etc all just spamming like retards ”’OHHH DCP KILLED IT OHHHHHHHH’

When me,bam,mustapha and west all went tiny chat trolling that was the funniest shit i’ve ever seen my stomach literally couldn’t take it lol.

Theres many more but i can’t think right now.

SO yeah i don’t know when but it will i hope, nothing lasts forever..

Thank you DCP, for everything

Jester – Former dcp leader, signing off.

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  1. hey I may not be a mod or an owner, but i still care i come when i can to chat and i want to bring it together again! ive made many friends and i would be proud to help! please REPLY IF YOU AGREE WITH ME AND YOU WANT TO HELP!!! EVERYBODY SAY THESE WORDS:

    “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

    dont you see? we left and quit and one day i went on chat and no one was there. i was so sad
    i thought about going to new army but no. I STAY! some part of me said no. i want yours to too. I LOVE DCP WE ARE ONE BIG FAMILY!!!!!

    so who’s with me?

    -DoritoEater DCP Member.

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