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Practice Battle [Results]

Hello DCP.

Today we logged on to the server Frosty for a practice battle with the Dark Warriors. We maxed 20+ and Averaged 18. Both armies met at the room Ice Berg at the 6:00 mark. DW had a very slow entrance and DCP was the very opposite of that. The Dark Warriors side leader (Drake) got very upset over the room switch, claiming we entered a minute before. In reality, DW is extremely slow at moving rooms and paid the price for it. DW is one of the few armies that would threaten war over a practice battle because they lost. Truly sad that they had to DoS someone over a practice battle. Pics below!

Shows the maturity of the Dark Warriors side leader, Drake.

E+L Clover Emote

E+F Flower Emote

E+P Puffle Emote

More Pics:

PB WITH DW7pb with dw5PB WITH DW3pb with dw 7pb with dw12


DCP came out on top with a clean victory!

Thank you to all who came or at least tried!

Comment below if you came or not.

-Andrew24 |||DCP LEADER|||

4 Responses

  1. Came late but I was there!
    Good job, Doritos!

  2. i Came. Was I the only UK troop that was there? Nice work doritos!

  3. I was lauren221b by the way.

  4. I CAME TO dont forget me!!!!!!!!

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