I fixed DW for people like you to be allowed back in and for you to bash on me and make up lies isn’t necessary. You took a picture of one part of my private chat to make it seem like I wanted you to lie for me.. I thought you were better than that. Saying I manipulate people as an excuse for you to rejoin DW because you know DCP isn’t in its prime. I’ll set you and freezie both straight one day. (not like either one of you are great leaders anyways)

edit: if you want to say that I told you to lie for me, back it up you sellout [me telling you I don’t want to look like a sellout is no where near me asking you to lie for me]

3 Responses

  1. I trusted Spi and now he betrayed us. 😥 Its the Toy thing all over again.

  2. Booooo



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