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    Welcome to the legendary Doritos Army of Club Penguin website! We were the strongest army in Club Penguin army history. We were created on February 8, 2010 by Wwebestfan, and we lived strong all the way until Club Penguins closure. We’ve fought the hardest battles, and always came out on top. We have done the impossible, and we were always known for standing up for what was right, even if stood alone. We continue our legendary legacy on Club Penguin Private Servers. Thank you for showing your interest in our legacy.

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Operation Blitzkrieg

Hello, Troops! 

After a defeating the LT in so many battles, they have decided to declare war. I cannot blame them, if I was beaten so hard that my army completely died I would do the same thing. Just because Light Troops have their banner on Mirai the most popular CPPS, doesn’t make them a worthy enough army to defeat this great army. All events are cancelled and everyone must attend these invasions.

❗ Invasion of Ice Berg ❗

Wednesday, December 18th

Klondike, Town


6:00pm EST

5:00pm CST

4:00pm MST

3:00pm PST


This battle is important!

❗ Invasion of Ice Box ❗

Wednesday, December 18th

Klondike, Town


7:00pm EST

6:00pm CST

5:00pm MST

4:00pm PST

12:00am UK


❗ Invasion of Toboggan ❗

Wednesday, December 18th

Toboggan, Town


8:00pm EST

7:00pm CST

6:00pm MST

5:00pm PST

1:00am UK


❗ Invasion of Misty ❗

Wednesday, December 18th

Misty, Town


8:30pm EST

7:30pm CST

6:30pm MST

5:30pm PST


❗ Invasion of Yeti ❗

Wednesday, December 18th

Klondike, Town


9:00pm EST

8:00pm CST

7:00pm MST

6:00pm PST

2:00am UK

Promotions if we win every battle! 

Comment if you can come! 

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend 

14 Responses

  1. I can come.

  2. I might come to all!

  3. i will try and come to these but i might not come to some of them cuz im busy at most of the times

  4. I can probably come to all. ❤

  5. I can come to 2 1/2 of them

  6. I can come to all. LETS WIN THIS THING

  7. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. No
    5. No

  8. MAYBE MAYBE if i have no homewotk and my mom lets me get on a little bit then its a,ok

  9. maybe

  10. Maybe some of them i gotto see

  11. I can probably come to all of them. I don’t know about the first one because i have a school thing. but i can probably come.

  12. I won’t come to any because of my timezone *extremely angry*

  13. I CAN COME!

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