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Farewell my Soldiers

Hello troops,

I know i’ve left Xat many times and armies overall, but this time i’m promising you that i’m leaving permanently. 

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I’ve had a great experience here being in armies, joining all the way back in May of 2009 in the Ice Warriors, and from there getting the knowledge of leadership and creating the Doritos of Club Penguin in early February 2010.

From my accomplishments, i’ve been named both good and bad on many occasions, I have done things i’ve both regretted and stuff that i’ve cherished, but i’m not going to go into more detail about that.

I have sold all my powers, days and xats so I know I’m done for good.

All I wish is that all leaders make sure to make the right decisions for the DCP, I don’t want DCP ever dying out, we are known for being a one-of-a-kind army, and that’s what makes us legendary, don’t ruin the DCP legacy – KEEP KICKING ENEMIES ASSES! 

If you ever need me for REALLY important purposes, those who have know my real facebook just message me.

I bid you all  a farewell, I hope you all have a great holidays break, and a happy new year.


This marks the end of a once-known Legend.

(May 29, 2009 – December 8, 2013)

14 Responses

  1. You were the one who made me rejoin Dcp and I thank you for that, I personally wish you a Farewell aswell. Hope you enjoy life.

  2. bye wwe 😦

  3. It’s gonna be sad to see you go forever, but I wish you luck! 😥

  4. Goodbye Wwebestfan, one of the first leaders I respected outside of ACP….

  5. bye MOD ME


  7. Goodbye…

  8. Shoot LT in the assHOLES

  9. Although I haven’t had a real conversation with you since we led UMA together, you were a great friend and will definitely be missed.

  10. Dibs (Wary)

  11. You was a nice person Wwe. Better than Mustapha.

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