Results/Cleansing of Fog

Hello, Troops!

Today, we logged on to our very important server of Fog to cleanse it from any and all army activity aside from DCP’s. As you will see in the pictures, this was a great event. The sizes were good, and the tactics were impeccable! I am extremely proud of you guys. Keep it up, and there just may be promos coming your way. 😉 And a note to all of you fags who are against DCP. Hear this; We are not dying, we had nothing but a minor set back last week while Toy, Alf, and I were getting settled in as the new leaders. From this day on, DCP will continue to strive as the powerful army it has always been. United we stand, divided we fall. Now, onto the statistics and pictures.

Sizes: A max of about 27-30, and an average of 25.

Tactics: A solid 9.5/10

We are the Puffle Masters




mmmmm… Pizza

Clovers for all!

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