Ice Cream is ours!

Hello all DCP troops, today we logged in to invade another one of pirates servers, this one again being invaded nice and easily. Take note that this server is infact a Safe Chat. And DCP did good today and i’d have to say the sizes were averaging 20 and maxing about 25.

))Total Size((


Maxed: 25

Size of Chat: 28-30

Tactics: Good


 Average Size at Town: 20

Max Size at Town: 25

Average Size at Snow Forts: 20

Max Size Snow Forts 22

____Last 5 minutes___

Average at Ice Berg: 16


What can i say no one can resist our flippers 😉

Average Size

Our response to pirates AMAZING sizes

Please me and my puffle are just cool with the ladies 


Bombing forts 

>>Right before logging off<<


Chat size right after the event


Comment if you came and you feel like telling people!

Thank you for all the extra room pirates!


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