Updates 5/17/13

Greetings,every week i will be doing these things called updates. Until i get my computer back i can only communicate at the doctors office,on  my phone,and at the ghetto ass library. So basically, i have seen some changes in warfare.Who the fuck is the leader of ST i have no idea but he’s in for hell when i return. I am calling out ST. I’m tired of this shit,claming servers that are not yours is another fucking story. YOU CAN NOT,I MEAN CAN NOT PUSH DORITOS AROUND. We are a united army,we stick together. Kicking your sorry asses won’t be a fucking problem. Anyways,as i have said i have seen many changes in warfare. Many people have returned and many people have retired. A lot of notable drops have tooken  place in CP Army warfare. HSA is first for 2 weeks in a row. Congrats to ST.DCP is another story. Guys,i know you can become first in a week. It’s possible its happened before. You all are capable of rising above the others. Don’t let other people bring you down,don’t let anyone say you cant do it. I mean come on,has Alf even returned yet. He hasn’t posted in like a week. Musta is trying his best,and i thank him for that. So are the rest of you. In my opinion,i honestly thing toysoilder deserves leader the most. Based on what i have seen over the past month a lot of you deserve leadership. Musta,again thank you for doing your best i really appreciate what your currently doing. Trust me over time we will rise. Alfrondo if your reading this please come back. You can help us rise even more if you return. I miss you all so much,I hope a good troop will be chosen for the leadership position. Goodbye, for now.

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