The Coup Of Lord Pain [ x3 ]

Carter’s Update: This is official. Pain was unanimously voted off of DCP leadership by our owner ranks and advisors. 

Paco and Tymatt, I hope you will now return to DCP to lead and continue on in the army. ❤

This is the removal of Lord Pain from leadership in DCP.

He has made several comments that have made me seriously question his leadership, They include “There will be no election for me” and ” DO NOT QUESTION MY LEADERSHIP”. This makes me fear a new era in DCP history, an era of dictatorship and evil. Do not worry DCP, with the removal of Lord Pain we will be restoring our government to it’s full democratic glory. Unfortunately this has to happen on Easter Sunday, a day which is supposed to celebrate peace and love in the world, but we have to do what we have to do to keep DCP ahead. This coup has been a very, very easy one I must say, with help from Carter, 13yearoldnoob and Aaron this coup went as smooth as possible. This coup will not affect the Leadership Elections that are to be held soon, but Lord Pain is not to be allowed to run. This is not the death of an era in DCP, it is the birth of a new one. Please continue with your lives and let the leaders take care of this.

[Thank you]

x           Funbob16  DCP 3rd in Command

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  1. Good on you, DCP.

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