The Removal of Jubby from DCP


Earlier today, we held a Training Session.  We had some rouges, and as we were about to do a tactic for a CPAC picture, our former 3ic Jubbyd decided to say “LET’S BUNCH GUYS”, effectively splitting us up.  This is not the first time Jubbyd has messed up our events.  He also constantly fights with all owners, and shows an overall lack of discipline.  We have therefore come to a decision that Jubbyd is from here on considered “forcefully retired permanently.”

3 Responses

  1. Cool Post Bro.

  2. im happy i left ur crappy army and now im with hsa so long suckas!

  3. Lol we can all laugh at this bullshit. After your stupid fucking post I came back and got LIT. Then I left. Back again now.

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