Success on Big Surf(Server Moved due to Boots being full)

Hey guys, today the Doritos have defeated the Pirates in Big Surf, since Boots was full. We had an Okay turn out, but we stayed consistent unlike Pirates, who didn’t even bother showing, instead LT had to come to save them… lol I believe no allies was stated as well. Anyways we fought the Light Troops and won. Here is the play-by-play in for the battle:

Town: DCP, 14-15, LT, 13-15. DCP moves to docks after an annoying CP Party Limo kept taking the chatbar.

Docks: DCP, 14-15, LT, 10-14. DCP lines up diagonally and LT goes Horizontal, DCP takes advantage and bombs LT consistantly, LT moves to Ski Village in retreat as a result.

Village: DCP, 15-16, LT, 11-15. DCP Lines up horizontally and LT goes into a chatbar line to get rogues, DCP continues assault and LT retreats to the Lodge.

Lodge: DCP, 7-8, LT, 11-15. DCP lines up horizontally but troops get confused so we didn’t do well, LT nonetheless,does a few in line tactics and retreat to forts.

Forts: LT leaves event 7 minutes early and DCP, not liking the crowded, party forts, goes to town to prepare for a LT assault.

Town: LT left early so DCP stays on till the bitter end and recruits.

DCP: 4 || LT: 2

Clearly we have a winner here, and thats us! ๐Ÿ˜€


DCP Sexy Line at the Dock waiting for Le Light Troops.


Recovering the lost Troops after LT retreats to Forts.


DCP Counter bombing LT with Cake, LT obviously doesnt like Cake, I mean look at their faces. ;c

4 Responses

  1. Furst.We defeated the no show Pirates. We didn’t even know anything about this colony stuff. ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. LT did a bad job there, they got 2 victories, and we got A MILLION!


  3. boots wasnt full when i went on it was only 4 bars…

  4. Your blog is great. You write about very interesting things. Thanks for all your tips and information

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