Retirement of Cul8rsl[ALL-ARMIES]

Hey Doritos and friends.

Today, October 14th, I, Cul8rsl retire from Armies.

As some of you know, I have chosen DCP as my last army due to me moving to Australia in December. Well, the date has changed to October 29th 😦 And my parents need me to help them pack stuff  and all, and I won’t have time for armies anymore. I’l be on to help every once in a while to help you guys recruit and all but this is my retirement. Of course this won’t be my last post and all but I will rarely post. And of course, you can see my on xat every month or so but that’s about it. Anyway, this will be quite a long post.

I joined armies 2 years ago at the age of 9. I was on Mammoth doing some shit and one day I was two armies fighting each other. SWAT and ACP. For some reason, I chose SWAT instead of ACP but that decision changed my life. I looked up “SWAT Of CP” on google and the first link that came up was “” [Deleted] So I clicked it. I saw posts from Ganger90, Starz34, and S Cargo 2 about trainings and events. I wandered around the site then I finally ended up on the chat. “” I clicked it and I met S Cargo 2 who was my first friend in CP Armies. He and I both went in different ways in armies but we still kept in touch. I was ranked “Pre Major” in SWAT. Which was no suprise since I was a noob. I then went up the ranks fast, and after about 8 months in SWAT, I ended up as the rank 3ic. Along the way, I lead the well-known medium army called Miners. I learned all my recruiting and leading skills. I then soon then retired from the army. And SWAT had shut down due to low sizes, then the Blizzard Warriors, one of my favorite army shut down. There was nothing left for me to do, so I created my first army ever, Lightning Vikings. We rose up to SMAC’s number one spot. Then one day, Roberto, LT Leader offered me 2ic if I merged LV. So I did. But soon, I started to regret the choice. Light Troops were doing great and all but I wasn’t feeling the “fun” I had with Lightning Vikings. Mostly due to ioio making us stay online for 2 hours.

Then one day in February, 2012, S Cargo 2 asked me if I wanted to recreate SWAT with him. And I said “sure”. I didn’t expect that 1 little word could change the whole CP community. Me and Cargo were doing great, we rose up to SMAC’s top ten maxing 15+ without Ganger. We also won a tournament AND a war with Pirates. Then soon came Ganger90. He saw us doing great so he decided to rejoin and become leader with me. We then started maxing 20 every battle. We dominated Global Defenders in a war, we also got into CPAC’s top ten. Every week, we kept rising, and one day, CPAC started the “Champions Cup” Tournament. It was a great chance for SWAT to get the spotlight so we accepted the invite from CPAC. It wasn’t really an ordinary tournament but we were in a group with Dark Warriors[Top-3] Nachos [4th] Team Gold[N/A]. We had to beat atleast two armies in order to pass on to the next round. Our first battle was against Nachos. We made a HUGE upset! We maxed 25+ while Nachos maxed 20. Then came the second battle against Dark Warriors, we knew this wouldn’t be easy, however we still had a chance. Sadly, we lost the battle but after that day, we fought TG. We won like we predicted and we passed the first round. Surprisingly, Nachos had beaten Dark Warriors. Us 3 moved on to the next round.      We were up against the Under Ground Mafia army. We beat them with sizes of 25 and UMA with sizes of 5. Nachos and DW were soon eliminated which we thought was good. However, we found out we were fighting the ACP, the number one army at that time.

After a full week of training and recruiting, the day of the battle soon rolled in. SWAT vs ACP. We recruited 24/7 the day before and it was really worth it. Right before the battle, we had 2 pools of chat! We started to log on and we got huge sizes. Sizes of 38! This was an intense battle against the ACP. However, after the 30 minutes were up, the CPAC judges started to vote. Then after waiting patiently for 10 minutes, the results were out. SWAT had won the battle against ACP! Another major upset by SWAT. And on the next monday, we were number one on the top ten. We then moved on to the finals against the Ninjas. We sadly lost but we were still happy that we won. After a while, I retired from SWAT due to too much stress Ganger had been giving me. SWAT were currently in war with Doritos and Nachos. However, when Dash saw that I retired from SWAT, he came on and offered me the 4th in command from Nachos. So I gladly accepted.

I was known as the first person in Nachos to join for 4th in Command. Some congratulated me, some hated on me, and some were just confused. ^.^ During the summer, Vetsd offered me the position leader in Shadow Troops. I was kind of bored not leading any army for a while so I accepted that offer too. I rose ST to sizes of 15+ and we won a coupe of wars. During that time I won a legend spot on SMAC’s page as Small and medium army legend. One against SWAT which seemed very ironic. However, we did lose one against Doritos. I then soon retired from ST too because I was promoted to third in command in Nachos. Then one day, Alfrondo offered me leader in Doritos too O:<.

I accepted that offer and did my stuff :3. And here we war, the third biggest army. Started from 9th. I’m very surprised the current leadership has gotten DCP to number 2 a couple of weeks ago. We also dominated a war against Nachos and Pretzels. I have also received a spot in the H.O.F which I’m very proud of. And that pretty much wraps up my CP Warfare Career. Along the way, I’ve got some other pretty nice ranks to such as Pirates Leader, Ice Warriors Mod, Army Republic 3ic and such.

Anyway, here are the people I would like to thank.

Ganger90 – Even though we’ve been pretty off in the last couple of the months, I still consider you as my mentor and a friend. 😉 God luck with SWAT in December

Vetsd – Crazy times we have had xD It was fun leading ST together, you were one of the best partners I have had in armies. Good luck with Shadow Troops in the future! :3

Wwebestfan – ey, even though we have a quite a big age difference, I have to say, you’re probably the best leader I have worked with in my 2 year career in armies.

SaW – had fun leading SWAT with you and gambling for c4 xD

Unk- You’re probably my bff in armies right now, anyway, good luck with DW.

Alfrondo – Thanks for offering me leader in DCP, it has changed me O:<

Iceyfeet1234 – We had good times planning invasions and stuff for SWAT and IW, and your last battle. 😀

Np3000 – Ah, my friend :3 I used to be mod in your armies, and now we LEAD armies together 😀 I had a fun time with you in SWAT. Now, good luck with DCP 😀

Khimo – fgt u nob at tfm :3

Pungy1234 – keep going with GD bby 😀

Redrocks98 – probably not reading this but still, now that I look back, us 2 did a good job leading miners >:D

Blizzard880 – I havn’t seen you for a coupe of days but farewell, I had a fun time in Blizzard Warriors 😀

Samra – fgt jk jk >:D

57to – You were probably the most loyal troop in SWAT, I was disappointed when you had to leave :C

Dash – thanks for recruiting me in Nachos, had a good time there.

S Cargo 2 – I know I see you on tfm everyday but I had a fun time being with you in SWAT when we were both noobs, we both went in different roads but it was still a good time, cya on tfm bro

Jack Frenzy – You’re probably not reading this but thanks for helping me out in my career

Sorry if I didn’t mention you but you’re probably not the only one.

Accomplishment in Armies:

Special Weapons and Tactics Leader

Pirates Leader

Shadow Troops Leader

Doritos Leader

Light Troops 2nd in Command

Army Republic 3ic

Nachos third in Command


Beat ACP two times.

Number One Spot.

Beat Global Defenders in a war.

Defeated Nachos multiple times.

Kept in top 5 for 2 months.

Lead Golden Age

SWAT Legend


Number 4 Spot on Top ten.

Beat DCP in a war.

Beat SWAT in a War


Nothing 😀


2nd in Top Ten

Lead Golden Age

A Spot in the HOF.


First ever to join for 4th in Command.

Got Third in Command in less than 2 months.


Small and Medium Army Legend

Lead 3 Top 5 Armies

Youngest Leader to lead An army into the number one spot


Shadow Troops



“If you dont want to get in trouble, shut your face”

“Time is like Pizza, in a moment it’s gone”

“cul is pro, k”

C’ya guys. I’m miss you. I will still come on every once in a while but don’t expect me to come and visit every week.

 – Im pro ok, – Cul8rsl Small And Medium Army Legend

17 Responses

  1. miss ya cul 😦

  2. bye cul8rsl 😥 i wonder why the date was changed and u are a good recruiter and leader!

  3. Gonna miss you so much Cul. 😦

  4. bye cul we will miss you so bad *sniff*

  5. See ya cul, even though you hated me, I’ll miss ya.

  6. Good bye Cul 😥

  7. Goodbye cul my friend, you will be missed. Thanks for the fun times 🙂

  8. Bye Cul 🙂 We had a great time together in BW,LV,SWAT, CPT, ect. You were one of my closer friends. Sad to see you go. Oh and good luck in Australia, I hope a kangaroo doesn’t eat you 🙂

  9. […] find out more about Cul8rsl’s achievements in other armies his retirement post can be found here, . In the case of Wwebestfan, I was on the Dcp chat when Wwe suddenly added “Retiring” to his […]

  10. armies just lot a true legend.
    what makes you think i’m not going to read this :p I still check out cpac. Cul, I have to admit you are probably one of the best friends in armies, and soldier/last/ legend/ all those good things 🙂 well, I hope you enjoy living in Australia, practice that accent of yours, k? One last thing, thanks for being there for me last year when I came out of retirement, I met some new friends from stalking you *wary*

  11. Bye Cul.I still remember you from SWAT.I hope you remember me.We were good friends.Bye Cul!

  12. I’ll miss you cul. I hope to see you in survivor7

  13. Ur pro, cul. Ur one of the best people who ever went on xat/cp armies.


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