A more proper good-bye


Lately I have been dead inactive and recently taken off the ranks, well I tried to come back but I just wasn’t interested anymore,  So as of today I am “officialy retired,” I might come back later on. Anyways, I would like to be kept on site and I will guest my self if you guys haven’t reset chat already.  I don’t want to make a list of everyone I have met, so instead I just have  a short list of SOME people that have shaped my “career” here in DCP.








-King scientist something

– Aly?

-And some other people I can’t name off right now (no offense) 

Like I said above I MIGHT come back, but if I do I will not take anything higher than 2ic unless DCP is going through a leadership crisis.   Someone please put me up as adviser on the ranks. My only wish is for you guys to stay alive, I dont give a fuck if Wwe retires again, you survived once you can do it again.


15 Responses

  1. Sad to see you go, was a pleasure leading and seeing you as a DCP leader, you will be missed.

  2. 😦 your retiring your a very great leader and recruited me into dcp!

    (ty for putting me as that shaped your carrer)


  4. Dude ima miss u, like seriously u recruited me where i am today in Dcp is cuase of u, ty dude ima miss u hope to see u around

  5. Dude i will miss u…. u recruited me, and i owe where i am today in Dcp to u, thanks for tht u were one epic dude so well hope to c u round

  6. I will miss you, arch. U were one of the best mains in DCP i’ve ever met. 😦

  7. Arch, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be leader.
    Thanks for everything! 😀
    You’ve changed DCP, without you who knows what DCP would be like today. I will miss you, try to come by sometime so I don’t drown in tears. Love you bby<3

  8. There’s so much I can say bro. I just can’t say it all. I would love to lead with you again, anytime! You’ve revolutionized my army career.
    Once again, Thanks for everything bro!
    Its sad to see you go. ;'(

  9. I hope you achieve your goals in life, YOUR THE FUCKING MAN! your the best bro, I wish you luck

  10. I forgot to mention, i’m honored to be in your retirement post. ❤

  11. lol 4 comments ina row musta lol

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