A message to a Rivalry

Hello everyone,

It has come to my attention that DW will be returning soon, and they have been choosing on which army to go to War with once they return sometime I think in October.

First off, I would just like to say that they are giving out pathetic reasoning’s to declare war on each of the army that they listed. They claimed to put War on us, because apparently i’m a “fag” to them. Everyone has heard that word millions of times DW, it doesn’t mean what you think it means these days. Everyone truly knows that I am NOT homosexual, I DATE GIRLS NOT GUYS.

All you do each time is give the same pathetic reasoning, and that is what makes armies hate you. You also claimed that we are currently the most hated army, and the most hated army of all time. How so? Look at DW’s past generations. DW is known for hacking innocent people’s websites, is that what everyone really want’s to join? A army that will threaten to hack you every single day?

I don’t see why DW continues to have a problem with me or the rest of the entire DCP, we gave them peace last time I checked, why not just stick with the god damn peace?

= Messages to certain People reforming the Dark Warriors =


You obviously never be taught a frigging lesson kid, all you do is try to troll everyone and make everyone rage via Xat. Well guess what? That is considered Cyber-bullying, and THAT is against the Law.

I don’t know what is wrong with you, I have nothing against you and all you do is call me names, and other people names too? Learn to give people respect, and maybe they will respect you back.

Elite 910:

You and Unknown have almost the same reasoning/description.

I also have nothing against you. You know nothing about me, yet you always try to start crap with me for no reason. You should also learn to give respect.


Same reasoning as the 2 descriptions above.


When DW returns this time, and if they end up defacing peoples websites, and doxing like usual; this time there WILL be punishments and consequences, No Questions Asked.

So hopefully these 3 people will read this post, and if they end up doing so, I would gladly appreciate a personal response by a 1-on-1 conversation with myself and one of these individuals on a certain Xat Chat.

…and not commenting on this post, if any of the 3 comment on this post, and it is a disrespectful hating type of comment, it will be deleted automatically. 


I will be waiting for a Response,

7 Responses

  1. […] Puf: Guess what you know who linked me to last night on DW chat. http://doritosarmy.com/2012/09/14/a-message-to-a-rivalry/ […]

  2. Cybering is also against the law. trololollollololol

  3. Getting added to a website and defacing it isn’t hacking.

  4. so u tihnk its still a good idea to do it?wow dude

  5. Lmao, you’re such a hypocrite. Was it not you that defaced CPAC in the past? Most of the defacing’s were done by SaW, and he wasn’t even in DW at the time. What makes you think that people would want to join DCP? You’ve gotten a 6 month banishment from armies, not to mention taking bribes for ranks.

  6. your not a fag ur epic

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