Be sure to be on DCP chat as much as you can, we need to defeat the Pretzels once more, and every single time in this entire War. So try your best to make it.


– 5:00PM PST

– 6:00PM MST

– 7:00PM CST

– 8:00PM EST

– 1:00AM UK



3 Responses

  1. Sorry, I am on vacation and I cannot make any of the events, yet I know I haven’t made the past events, and that is why.

  2. coming

  3. Hello its the forgotten 13yearoldn00b.I am returning soon to dcp.1 week or so i will be returning to this army.I hope your having fun-13yearoldn00b

    P.S:Don’t remove me from ranks i thought i was special. 😀

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