You may be wondering why the title is ‘…’ well I coulden’t think of a better title… so ya. Anyways you don’t have to read this post if you dont want  to, it is mainly for the other leaders.

As you may have noticed I have been less active over the past 3 days, I will explain why in this post.

One of the reasons of why I haven’t been as active is that a big test is coming up and I need to study, another reason would be that my parents are extremly strict about my education and want me to spend less time on the computer and more time studying.

Enough said I will have to be less active throughout the next week, I will only be coming on chat 20-40 minutes before an event to help recruit and then I will leave once the event is done, if there is multiple events I will do the same thing in each, come 20-40 minutes before then leave once the event is done then come back for the next event. 😀

So ya, I will be less active throughout this week and then next week I will take a 3 day break so I can catch up in my studies and etc.

I will do something to cover up my inactiveness though, I will buy more xats, so you can expect more/better prices for the game nights and I will SOMETIMES give out powers/xats to loyal,active troops. I will also be buying DCP a SMAC and maybe CPAC banner.

that is it, I hope you understand.


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