You best Click that button 😉

Well its come to my attention that GT want’s to be involved in this war.

And to be honest. I don’t really f****** care.  GT (the golden troops may i presume) Have just made posts about “Starting a new world war” and “helping there brother army”. When we all know GT is a half dead army that has went to far from there grave site. They come back every time talking as if they can really do something BIG. And in the end they die again, again, again and again. And as far as i’v seen of GT- Would be a 4 man army consisting of owners that make stupid posts that no one cares about.

Main part of post from GT’s site :

Alright. Since we had a cease fire with DCP since they are facing SWAT and since PW aren’t that much of a challenge to GT (no offense or anything, love you Funks) we will enter a new war. I’m pretty much tired of seeing the same armies at the top. ACP, Nachos, IW etc. How about SWAT, Ninjas, maybe even GT? There’s going to be a shift in the Central Powers of this Community, no doubt. Summer is approaching real fast, and that’s when GT is at it’s height. We willbegin to aid S.W.A.T in their time of trouble. This war may kill or make us. Make sure to check the Event Tracker as it is always being updated with the next event. Hopefully, I can count on all of you to come to these invasions. This is your chance to earn those Suns, because each invasion will be 25 Suns. 


Golden Troops







GT really thinks everyone cares!

So as far as i can see this is most certainly not a world war. I would put it more in a way of  “2 armies who thought they could take over the world, and ended up dying again”

Again to GT, No one really pays attention, GT is like the trash out front of  your lawn (those who use the trash collectors) they come and go away every week or so but they always stink like shit.

Problem GT?

Your 5 man army won’t do much in this universe 😉


3 Responses

  1. At least we don’t need Fried Chicken and Watermelon to stay alive.

  2. I never really thought i would ever agree with you

  3. Hey guys,Ill be ob in a sec

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