Teh Invasions of ACP Nation

Hello troops!

Yes, we the DCP have declared war on the ACP. Not only us, but currently DCP, UMA, LT, RPF. It’s currently allies vs 1 army type of battle.

Each army in the alliance will be invading a different server at the same time. ARMY LEADERS OF THE ALLIANCE PLEASE COPY AND PASTE AND MAKE A POST ON WHICH SERVER YOU ARE INVADING. ❗

Each invasion will take place this Saturday.


DCP’s Invasion Information

Server:  Snow Fort

Room: Town

Chat: xat.com/Doritos


LT’s Invasion Information

Server: Ice Box

Room: Town

Chat: xat.com/LightTroopsOfCP


UMA’s Invasion Information

Server: Frozen

Room: Town

Chat: xat.com/UMAPWNZ


RPF’s Invasion Information

Server: Mittens

Room: Town

Chat: xat.com/RPFArmyForever


Any other small armies offering to join, can log on to any server of their choice. Just please tell the leader of which army is invading that server.


REMEMBER: Post this on your sites as soon as possible!


8 Responses

  1. u r such a n00b u forgot about mst ~ a former LT troop mr cxz

  2. I hope to all

  3. I can make it

  4. What Day?


    ~Polov~ Lt 3ic

  5. maybe these …followed by more invasions in the future…could take down acp from its top5 spot 😀

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