A message to the ACP

Wwe edit: We have currently moved ACP down from an “Ally” to “Neutral” for many reasons.

Hello troops!

I was viewing the ACP’s site today, and I noticed a post they just created today saying that

Remember to treat Ascent like our favorite new server!  Try to be on the server at all times seeing as it’s UMA‘s capital.  Recruit, patrol, be in ACP uniform at all times when on this server.  Ascent will soon be in our nation so let’s welcome it nicely.  Report to Ascent! 

No ACP, you won’t. You know why? Because DCP owns Ascent, not the UMA. 

Remove the post immediately, if we see any ACP on that server of ours, we will take it offensive, and we will fight back if we do see it.

Let’s not see that happen, STAY OFF OUR SERVER!


One Response

  1. On UMA’s site it says Ascent is their capital. Looks like your “alliance” isn’t such an ally.

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